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It’s Fine. We’re fine. Everything is Fine. Happy Holidays from Emily Reno Events

December 15, 2020

las vegas wedding planner
Photo by Ashlyn Savannah

From postponed and canceled weddings, zoom meetings, social distancing, no toilet paper, mental breakdowns, and messy buns for 6 months straight we want to wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

This year has truly been trying for everyone. As a small business this year was incredibly stressful and a huge learning experience. I am so thankful for the beautiful ladies that I get to work with every day that have stuck by my side and encouraged me through 2020.

If you are a couple that was looking forward to a wedding that never happened this year or you were looking forward to celebrating a milestone in life that never was formally celebrated, my heart goes out to you. I believe life should be celebrated and I know how hard it was this year to not be able to celebrate those big moments in life.

With that said, I hope everyone was able to spend more time with their loved ones and focus on the small moments in life throughout the stress and uncertainty this year has brought everyone.

I will continue to pray for our country and I am looking forward to celebrating with you all in 2021! Cheers to YOU for making it through 2020.

las vegas wedding planner
Photo by Ashlyn Savannah

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