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How To Throw A Favorite Things Party | Las Vegas Wedding Planner

February 20, 2019

After attending a friends “favorite things” party several times over the last few years and having a BLAST I decided to throw one myself this year. From what I have seen in  the past favorite things parties are usually thrown around the holidays. With holiday parties and everyone out of town I decided to let the holidays pass and decided to throw aa GAL-entines Day themed Favorite things party the day before Valentines Day. What better way to celebrate Valentines day a little early with your girlfriends!  After searching and searching online about how to plan and throw a favorite things party I wasn’t able to find a ton of information so I decided to write this blog post to help anyone trying to throw this sort of party. I must tell you, everyone that came had so much fun and most of the gals decided they want to throw one for their friends in the future…. (I better get an invite!) 

Here are a few tips when planning a favorite things party:

1: Make sure to include this information on the invitation, it is important to let everyone know the following… this is the exact verbiage I sent to my guests. 

How it works: Think of ONE of your favorite things. ( I say 10-12$ but you can make the amount any $ you wish). Bring 5 of that item to the party. You’ll end up with 5 few favorite things to take home!  

Make sure to bring ONE favorite thing but bring FIVE of the same favorite thing. Try to bring them in some sort of bag so it is easy to keep it with you and we can keep track everyones stuff. Your favorite things should not be wrapped. Favorite things in the past have been your favorite candle, makeup brush, household cleaning product, booze, bath products, phone wireless charger, earrings, day planner, baking tool, travel essentials, book, wine tumbler, shoe insoles…. get creative, there are no rules!

Tip: You can buy pretty reusable shopping bags and hand them to every guest as they arrive. They can put their favorite things in the bag until they present and then use the bag to put their stuff in it when they leave. 

2. When guests arrive you will need to have loose paper cut up for them to put their names on and place in a large bowl for drawing names. Instruct them to write their names on five pieces of paper and put them in the bowl. 

3. I do a favorite things raffle as an extra bonus. I have so many favorite things and this is a great way to share more of them throughout the party. Next to the main bowl for drawing names I will have a separate bowl for the raffle and papers for them to write their name ONCE and put in the other bowl. I will raffle off 3-5 of MY favorite things between everyone presentations randomly. 

4. As guests arrive I leave about 45 minutes for people to show up, get cocktails, and eat some food. After everyone arrives I ask them to take a seat ( all in one room) and tell them we are about to get started. The host will start the favorite things presentations. I will start by welcoming everyone and explaining how things will work. It is fairly easy to get the hang of once the gals start, everyone will get up and introduce themselves and explain why the thing they brought is so fabulous ( Think selling on QVC!) The more excited you get about your favorite thing, the more people will want it!! You will draw five names, there is usually a lot of excitement and clapping after every name is drawn.. especially if the item is popular! 

5. The person whose name is called fifth will go and present their favorite thing next! If that person has already presented you will go with the person called fourth, then third, etc. At the end if anyone is left whose name wasn’t called in the last five, just have them come up anyways…easy! 

6. It is important to take a break about halfway through the presentations. This is the perfect time to raffle something off at the beginning and end of the break. I ask everyone to fill up their drinks, take a potty break, and grab a snack! 

7. At the end of all the favorite thing presentations I get up and thank everyone for coming. Now its time for “tradesy’s”… this is when you let people know it is tie for dessert and people can trade items with one another if there is something they got they can/ will not use. ( Maybe someone doesn’t drink, is allergic to a lotion etc) 

8. A good guest count is around 18-25 …sure you can do it with less or more people but this seems to be the sweet spot. 

Photography by: Kristen Joy 

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