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Vegas Destination Weddings | Las Vegas Wedding Planner

November 14, 2017

Photo by: Gin & Sake 

Deciding to get married in Las Vegas is a popular choice for many newly engaged couples. The venue options are nearly endless with beautiful resorts in the city and gorgeous scenery outside of the strip. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on just one, but there are many tips to keep in mind when finalizing your location for your big day and making sure it goes off seamlessly.

Hire A Wedding Planner

It can be hard to work through the pros and cons of having a destination wedding, trying to pinpoint what your wedding style is and figuring out what locations will accommodate that style. Wedding planners are an amazing resource to utilize when planning your big day, giving you someone that is an expert on all-things wedding planning. The planner is also completely dedicated to making sure your wedding goes off seamlessly, which is extremely important in keeping brides-to-be and grooms -to-be as stress-free as possible. We offer the option of custom proposals, which is the perfect option for couples looking for a personalized touch.

Photo by: Gaby J 

Share Your Interests

Giving insight into what you and your spouse-to-be are interested in can be a huge help when deciding on the perfect place to host your event. Where did you meet? What do you like to do? Do you see it taking place indoors with all-inclusive services or outdoors with a natural background? The beautiful thing about Vegas is that there are a variety of venues inside and outside, so you’re not limited when it comes options. Look at your wedding planner’s portfolio to see what types of venues they’ve worked at before, and get a feel for what type of setting you’re drawn to.

 Photo by : Gin & Sake

Pick A Size

Destination weddings often have couples cutting down their guest list, sticking to their closest friends and family, since they will have to pay additional fees for travel and accommodations. Chances are, if you’re planning on doing a destination, you already have an idea in mind of who you envision watching you walk down the aisle. Keep your guest count in mind when looking at venues. You don’t want something so large that everything is very spread out for your guests, but you also don’t want it so small that everyone is cramped and looking to make a quick exit.

Photo by: J.Anne Photography 

Think Big Picture

It’s not necessarily just about the venue itself. Your guests have to find a place to stay near your reception or ceremony location, so check into hotel options nearby. The strip is a great option for city weddings, providing an array of luxury locations to stay. Also consider things to do around your location. This may not seem important when all you’re thinking about is your wedding, but as a destination wedding, guests are going to arrive a bit in advance and are likely going to stay into the next day. Make sure they have something to do by looking around the area and seeing all that it has to offer. Make a list of options for them to check out, and even consider giving them some options for Vegas deals, to check out local shows, attractions and events while they’re in the area.

Destination weddings require a special type of planning, so they can seem daunting to newly engaged couples. However, they are a unique and exciting opportunity to plan a getaway dedicated specifically for celebrating your love. 

Photo by: J.Anne Photography 

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